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Bruce Wayne

on Sat Sep 09, 2017 10:43 am
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[Bruce Wayne]
a.k.a. [Batman]

Full Name: Bruce wayne
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Hetarosexual
Occupation: Billionaire Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Caped Vigilante

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Affiliation: Wayne Enterprises, Bat Family

Residence: Wayne Manor

Face Claim: Ben Affleck

Player Name: Earos


[Being born to one of the most affluent, and influential families in the history of Gotham didn't stop a mugger from altering the course of Bruce Wayne's life forever with two gun shots. Sending him on a path that has led him around the globe on a quest to become one of the greatest Martial Artists, and deductive thinkers in the world. Every waking moment spent first trying to find his parents’ killer. Finding no solace in that conclusion. He studied to improve his mind, and trained to perfect his body. No longer a child. He stood out from his peers. Until the day he dropped out of med school, and disappeared from the face of Earth. Roaming the world for years. Before returning to take control of his family business, and used the resources that affords. Along with the technology Wayne Industries R&D departments produces to become a symbol that strikes fear into the underworld in the form of a dark legend in the first year. On a fateful night he met Dick Grayson who would become Robin, and together they spent the following six years dealing a brand of justice to the criminals that plague his home city.]


[The person named Bruce Wayne, and the legend known as the Batman are a perfect example of the duality able to exist within a man. On one hand a benevolent figure set on building up the city he calls home, and helping the citizens at the bottom of the social ladder. By building schools, free clinics, and affordable housing. While on the other he a symbol of dark justice that strikes terror into the core of the most hardened criminals that plague the night. By busting skulls, getting answers, and providing the proof of crimes; when he turns them over to the GCPD. Sometimes even he begins to wonder which is the true him, and which is the mask. Though whichever that may be, none can deny that the city needs both doing what they can to make life safer; and he would do anything to accomplish that; even at the expense of his own life.]

Bruce started his physical training nearly immediately after his parents death. Starting with basic exercises, along with learning boxing, and wrestling from Alfred. He quickly moved on to more regimented training, and study of Martial arts under imported tutors. Supplemented with gymnastics, and dance. Though finding these sources lacking he set out abroad to train with the greatest in the world. The first of many intellectual pursuits was a study of forensic science, and criminal justice. Diving deeper into criminal psychology at the University offered incite into the minds of those who harm Gotham, but he could never understand. Until he set out to live amongst the world.

Due to the psychological trauma he suffered at a young age. Bruce has always been distrusting of situations, people, and the motives behind them. Going so far as to shun those outside of his direct circle, or considered his surrogate family. He tends to focus on a given task to the point of obsession. Along with most of his technology being connected to the Batcomputer, and the inherent flaws in such a system.


  • Batsuit + Utility Belt

  • Batarang

    The Batarangs were large shurikens created by Batman. They were stored with Batman's utility belt and were used by the vigilante for a number of different tasks, including as a ranged weapon or to interact with environments, like destroying lights or cutting ropes/wires. Batman could also use these within close quarters combat, to harm and non-lethally stab his opponents. It is unknown how sharp the Batarangs were, but Batman mentioned on several occasions that he could refine the edges to make them more aerodynamic.

  • Grappling Gun

    The Grappling Gun had been used by Batman for some time before the series. It allowed him to pull himself up to buildings or areas he could not reach, swing from one section to another or pull his enemies towards himself, either as way of subduing them or distracting others. Batman also used the grappling gun to latch onto loose objects and use them as weapons. However, like most of the tech used by Batman, it would be rendered useless if someone hacked the Batcomputer. Batman also kept a spare grappling gun in the Batcave, should the other be damaged or stolen. It was still used by the time the Bat-Anchor was created, it was only used as a utility tool and rarely used in combat.

  • Bat Stunner

    The Bat Stunners (also known as EMP mines) were hand sized devices that could electrocute objects and enemies. They proved useful when Batman wanted to knockout his opponents instantly. The stunners could also be set to release Electromagnetic Pulse, allowing him to deactivate devices and tech, and produce electrical currents through conductive objects, such as a knife.

  • Bullet Extractor

    Batman would use the bullet extractor when trying to retrieve the small metal objects to act as evidence or retrieve them from corpses.

  • Skimmer

    The Skimmer was a small drone that could be programmed to detect certain trace elements or chemical substances. Batman would often keep it in his utility belt and deploy it when searching for known chemical substances. The skimmer would hover around the area and, if it discovered the programmed substance, show where it was discovered to the cowl.

  • Smoke Pellet/Grenade

    Batman has been using the smoke grenades for quite some time. When they impacted with an solid object, they would create clouds smoke, which he could use as both a distractor or to briefly incapacitate foes. Batman would also use the smoke grenades to cover his escapes, as he did when criminals surround him.

  • Sticky Bomb

    The Sticky Bombs were created by Lucius Fox for a variety of purposes. When attached to an object, they would remain there and could be detonated by use of the gauntlet.They are connected to the batcomputer, and thus suffer from that weakness.

  • Strobe Grenade

    The strobe grenade when thrown at an object, would interfere with electronic tech and temporarily blind cameras. This proved useful to Batman on numerous occasions.

    Other Devices

  • Data Drive:
    Batman carried data drives connected directly to the Batcomputer, both as Bruce Wayne and whilst on patrol. These could be connected to various devices, such as laptops, mobile phones and radios, giving them access to the devices and the data on them. The drives could also act as a method of surveillance, as they could be used to forward communication traffic on a radio to the Batcomputer and allow Batman to listen in.

  • Bat-Drones

    The Bat-Drones were customized drones that allowed Batman to observer areas he could not reach, track people of interest across the city, scout areas before he went in or as a tool in combat. These could be controlled on both the Batcomputer and on his own gauntlet. Batman could also use the drones in combat, with him having the option of firing either stun rounds or explosive rockets, either to incapacitate enemies or destroy objects. Lucius would also upgrade the drone to include a sensitive microphone, which allowed Batman to listen to conversations and sounds from certain distances. They were also fitted to create sounds, which Batman could use to distract his enemies.

  • Shifting Batmobile

  • Batmobile in CamoMode

Audition Post:

[     On a dreary rain soaked night like any other in Gotham’s east end an underground a train has been halted, and CSI are doing their best to recover any evidence available. Though Commissioner Gordon has the feeling the bright green question mark is the biggest clue they will ever need. Giving him the idea to step away from the scene, and all those other officers that give him sideways glances when he brings out the strange black phone. Suspecting accurately, though no proof of who he’s calling.
    Meanwhile outside the city limits of Gotham, except the palisades,a man listens intently to Diana asking for him to examine her phone more thoroughly, and the thought crosses his mind to ask how the device came to be in such condition. Along with the cause of the pondering look. Though the second he has a feeling, and there is no way for him to reassure her of his intentions on that front. A subterfuge of this nature could unravel in an instant. Between his cousin now being in the room, and the depth to which some parties have gone to invade his privacy suggests all failsafes are destabilized if not utterly broken. Meaning using what little leverage available to bring enemies to light is a risk that must be taken. His only regret being no way to shield her from the backlash this could bring.
    The question posed by Kate at the end of her introduction is likely rhetorical, but some part of Bruce forces out a response. Albeit in the form of a grunt, and smirk. Mainly because the phone in his pocket begins to vibrate forcefully in his pocket. The special alert letting him know exactly who is calling. Which instantly causes his scowl to darken, and without meaning to his tone shifts to a deeper note. “This is important. I need to take it. I’ll be right back.” The glance he gives Diana speaks more than he ever could with his voice. As he steps out into the hall, and let’s the door swing shut behind him.
[indent]A thought crosses his mind, a wonder how well Diana can actually hear. Either way this will work. Putting the phone on speaker when he answers. Knowing no normal person can hear through the two inches of mahogany. “Go Gordon. What;s happening?” HIs response grave, and to the point.
    Just as to the point as Gordon’s explanation of the situation in the subway, and ending with, “should we move in, and see if he’s gonna speak up again?”
    To which Batman answers instantly, “No. Hold your position, and I’m on my way.” Already hanging up the phone, and stepping back into the kitchen. His expression now dire as he looks between the ladies.]                                                                                                                                                      

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